Modento does NOT use ADA codes to categorize appointment types. Each Practice Management Software has a different criteria that defines the type of appointment (Dentrix, Eaglesoft or OpenDental). Refer to the section according to the Practice Management Software you use!



Open Dental

How Can I Tell if a Patient is Scheduled for Hygiene When Looking in Modento?


Modento will check for the Appointment Description for hygiene appointments. Examples: ProphyAd, ProphyCh, FluoridCh


Modento will check for the listed Appointment Type.

Examples: Prophy Adult, Prophy-Child, Perio SRP, Prophy Appointment, Prophy/Regular Appointment

Open Dental:

Modento will check for the Abbreviated Description that appears on the appointment when viewing it from the schedule.

Examples: Pro, ProA, Pro Ad, ProphyAd, ProC, ProChild, ProphyCh, PrSclRtPl, SRP, PerMaint, PMain, PerioMaint

How Can I Tell if a Patient is Scheduled for Hygiene When Looking in Modento?

In the Patients tab in Modento you will be a Hygiene Scheduled column. If you see a red X, this means we do not recognize a future scheduled hygiene appointment, if there is a green Check Mark, Modento recognizes a future scheduled hygiene appointment:

If a patients' Hygiene Scheduled status appears to be incorrect and is showing as unscheduled, this means the criteria will need to be updated to reflect this data accurately. Send a chat or email to support with your list of codes and they can get those added in for you!

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