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This article will discuss how to view the Call Insight Stats.

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Take a deeper look into incoming calls with Call Insight Stats. When accessing your stats, you will find information on call volume, who is calling your office, and many more.

To learn more about the different stats that Call Insights provides, watch the video below:

How to View Call Insight Stats

  1. Click into the Stats tab in your Call Insight application

  2. Select the frame of time you would like to view stats for

    1. Today, Yesterday, Week to Date, Month to Date or a specific date range by clicking the Calendar icon

  3. Click into the statistics to view lists of patients that are applicable to that metric

These statistics include:

  • Seen/Unseen Calls

  • Unseen Calls according to time of day

  • Incoming Call Volume according to time of day

    • Can be filtered by Call Type

  • New Patient Prospects

    • Prospects by Source

    • Prospects by Outcome

    • Reason for Not Scheduling

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