Call Insight: Settings

This article will discuss the Call Insight Settings and their functions.

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Call Insight Settings

To access your Call Insight Settings, click into your profile in the bottom left hand corner:

Refer to the following sections to learn more about each of these settings:

Auto Popup

When the Auto Popup setting is toggled ON, the Call Insight application will automatically open and the patient card will automatically load when a patient calls.

When the Auto Popup setting is toggled OFF, the call notification will display and must be clicked on before the Call Insight application and patient card loads.

HIPAA Protected

The HIPAA Protected toggle allows you to hide or blur patient information that appears within the application.

Practice Users

Practice Users contains all active and inactive users in your Dental Intelligence. Here you can add, edit, deactivate or reactivate users, as well as see the history of previous log ins.

Change Profile Picture

Change Profile Picture allows you to upload a new profile picture from your workstation to your personal account.

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