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This article will discuss how to add practices to a group to ensure online scheduling shows the correct branding

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If you are a Multi Location Group or a group that is a part of a DSO, LocalMed now includes a Groups section in your dashboard. This Groups section allows you to group together all or some of your locations and categorize them with a patient facing name. This ensures your patients recognize and associate the name of the group with your branding & avoids any confusion when scheduling online.

Let's go over how to create a group!

First, you will need to reach out to our support team to enable the Groups section in your dashboard. Connect with us here!

Once this has been enabled, refer to the following steps.

How to Add a Group

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Click the Add Group button

  2. Enter in the Name, Email & Logo

    1. The email entered will be used as the Reply To field when sending confirmations or other email notifications to patients. This email address will receive the emails when patients reply.

  3. Click Add Group

  4. Scroll to the Group you have just created and select the Eye Icon

  5. Here you will add any offices you would like to include in this group

  6. Click the Drop Down menu to select an office, then click Add Office. Repeat this until all offices you would like to include have been added.

  7. Once you are done adding your Groups, our support team will be able to create your Widgets that are specific to your group. Reach out to our support team to receive these.

When your Online Scheduling Widget for your Group is accessed, the Group name will be listed at the top when selecting the locations to schedule with.

The patient will also be able to select the Use My Location button to find the office nearest to them:

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