The Modento patient mobile app maximizes convenience for your patients and gives them full visibility into their paperwork, appointments, reminders, office messages, and loyalty points.

Patient View of Mobile App Download

Using the App

Patient View of Mobile App Download

Once you have enabled the Mobile App in your Engagement dashboard, Patients can download the Modento App by accessing the App Store or Play Store and searching Modento. To learn more about enabling the app for patients, click here.



Using The App

Step By Step Instructions:

  1. Patient will create login credentials

    1. Please note that patients will not be able to create credentials unless they are listed as a patient in Engagement.

  2. In the menu icon on the upper left, they will have access to the Inbox, Rewards, Paperwork, Visit Reminders, Practice Information, and App Support.

  3. The Inbox is where patients will see all incoming messages from the practice. They will be able to respond with a text message or phone call by clicking on the three dot menu.

  4. In the Rewards section, the patient will see how many points they have available to redeem. They will also see the points they can earn for specific actions taken. At the bottom, they will see the gifts available to redeem for the points they earn.

    1. To learn more about setting up the loyalty program, click here.

  5. In My Forms, patients will see all of their upcoming forms that require completion before their appointment.

  6. Patients will be able to customize how and when they will receive their appointment reminders in the Visit Reminders section.

  7. By clicking on Practice Info, patients will see your practice information including address, team members, office hours, and contact information.

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