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Learn more about DI Insurance and implement convenient eligibility verification and claims processing features powered by Vyne

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Dental Intelligence Insurance powered by Vyne is a robust tool designed to simplify the insurance verification and claims processing process. It is specifically designed for dental providers, helping them to streamline the entire process including:

In this article, we'll provide a general overview of DI Insurance and how it can help your dental practice save time and money.

Interested in adding DI Insurance to your Dental Intelligence subscription? Click here to contact a representative for help getting this module set up.

Insurance Eligibility Verification

One of the most time-consuming tasks in healthcare is verifying a patient's insurance coverage. Dental Intelligence Insurance simplifies this process by allowing your practice to easily access and verify insurance coverage in real-time with just a few clicks.

With DI Insurance as a part of your product bundle, you can quickly verify eligibility in bulk directly from the Eligibility tab of your Engagement dashboard.

  1. Navigate to the Eligibility tab in the Engagement left side menu

  2. Filter the populated patient list based on patient eligibility status

  3. Select the Bulk Actions checkbox to select all patients from the filtered list

  4. Click on the Bulk Actions dropdown menu and then click Batch Verify

Batch verification of the selected patients should only take a few seconds! While in progress, the patient status will show as Processing. When completed, your patient list will show updated eligibility statuses for each patient.

Click here to learn more about batch eligibility verification in the Eligibility tab of Engagement.

Click here to learn how to verify individual patient insurance eligibility in the DI Insurance portal.

Looking for more features? Watch our DI Insurance webinar and learn more about how we're taking the hassle out of handling insurance:

Insurance Claims Processing

Submitting claims can be a complicated process, and errors can result in denied claims and lost revenue. DI Insurance makes claims processing much easier by providing a user-friendly interface that simplifies the entire process.

To submit single or bulk claims, login to DI Insurance. From the Insurance dropdown menu, click the Claims tab and select the Unsent section to view outstanding claims that haven't been submitted yet. Use the Filter By dropdown menu to sort by different claims statuses.

To see why a claim has failed, click on the patient's name. A red notification will appear next to the section that needs to be corrected. To add an attachment to a claim, simply click on the available options to take a screen capture, upload a file, or take a keyboard capture.

Once the needed attachments have been added, click Send Claim in the upper right corner to submit the patient's claim.

Click here to learn more about submitting claims in DI Insurance.

Click here to learn how to send claims for your practice management software (PMS) to DI Insurance.

Denial Management

Even with the best insurance verification and claims processing procedures in place, denials can still occur. DI Insurance helps dental providers manage denials more effectively by providing detailed information about why a claim was denied. Providers can then use this information to quickly make any necessary corrections and resubmit the claim. This helps to reduce the time and cost associated with denied claims.

Click here for more details on common claim rejection reasons.

DI Insurance Support

Should you run into technical issues and need to contact support regarding your DI Insurance module, you can email the Vyne support team at support@vynedental.com. You can also initiate a conversation by accessing the support option within your DI Insurance module, as shown below:

Click on the dropdown arrow next to your name in the upper right hand corner of DI Insurance.

Select Contact Support from the dropdown menu. Complete the required name, phone, and message fields to submit a request to the Vyne support team (Note: You may also directly email the Vyne support team at: support@vynedental.com).

Click here to find information about DI Insurance and Vyne support resources.

Reporting and Analytics

DI Insurance, together with our DI Analytics Collections dashboard and DI Engagement Payments, is a powerful tool that can help dental providers streamline the entire revenue cycle management from start to finish. Our user-friendly tools, including: real-time insurance verification, streamlined claims processing, streamlined patient payment collection and detailed reporting and analytics are essential tools for any healthcare provider looking to improve their operations.

DI Insurance is available with your Dental Intelligence product bundle. Dental Intelligence has partnered with Vyne to provide this service to our customers. Click here to contact a representative for help getting this module set up.

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