Engagement: Strategies for Collecting More

In this article, you will discover effective strategies to monitor and boost your collections, both before, during, and after appointments.

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How Can I Maximize Practice Revenue with Engagement?

Engagement offers a comprehensive platform that enables you to maximize revenue for your practice. Our solution makes collecting payments a breeze, resulting in an average additional revenue boost of $25,000 within three months.

In Engagement, you can enroll in a new way to collect payments, set-up financing options for patients with treatment, and streamline your AR/Unscheduled treatment follow-ups. Rather than follow a tedious and lengthy process of payment collection, Engagement by Dental Intelligence is there to do the work for you.

In this article, we will explore:

Getting Started: Payments Setup

Enroll into & Set up Payments

Say goodbye to payment collection woes and welcome a friendlier and more prosperous practice with Dental Intelligence Payments. To get started, all you need to do is sign up for our payment solution and you’ll begin to experience the benefits within the first three months.

  1. To begin, it is essential to establish a merchant account with our preferred payment processor, Clearent. This will enable smooth and secure transaction processing. To learn how to apply for a merchant account, please complete the course below:

  2. It is crucial for your office to adhere to PCI compliance standards. PCI compliance ensures the protection of sensitive customer information and maintains the integrity of your payment processes.

    • Learn how to become PCI Compliant here.

  3. During the application process, you will have the opportunity to select whether you require a physical terminal for payment processing. If you have opted for a physical terminal, it will be necessary to connect it to your computer as instructed.

    • Learn how to set up your terminal here.

  4. Once your application has been approved by Clearent, you will gain access to the payments dashboard. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the dashboard's features and functionalities prior to initiating any payment processing.

    • Learn more about how to track payments and deposits here

Set up the Wisetack Integration through Engagement

Wisetack provides your patients with a pay-as-you-go option to make treatment more affordable. By turning this feature on, your patients will be given the ability to pay balances down over time instead of swallowing a big balance all at once. The best part is, you get paid when the patient opts into the treatment, getting you paid faster!

Click here to learn more about Wisetack and refer to this article to learn how to get set up!

Watch the Wisetack Webinar here!

Customize an introductory campaign

This is a great opportunity to introduce the new payment workflow to your patients. This can be done by sending out a formatted email to your patients in a bulk action.

Click here to watch a video on how to send an email campaign.

Here is an in-app experience that will guide you through the process of creating an email campaign:

Making Payment Collection Effortless

Ensure a seamless patient experience by verifying their insurance prior to their arrival

First, ensure that your practice is set up with Dental Intelligence Insurance. Once the onboarding experience is complete, you will be able to verify eligibility, send claims, and correct denials with just a few clicks.

If this is not part of your subscription bundle, click here to connect with a Dental Intelligence Representative.

Learn how easy insurance claim processing can be here.

Send Single Payment Requests to Patients Who Need to Pay a Balance

We understand that requesting payment prior to an appointment can be challenging, especially when patients are experiencing dental anxiety. Similarly, asking for payment after their appointment, when they are eager to head home, can also be difficult.

That's where Single Payment Requests come in as an excellent solution, ensuring a stress-free experience for all parties. Plus, you will be able to save their card information on file so it makes future payments a breeze!

Learn how to send single payment requests here.

Access the bulk payment request list and initiate payment campaigns on a weekly basis

With our Payments feature, you can effortlessly send bulk payment requests to your patients. Say goodbye to the hassle of asking patients to call back or sending them traditional mailed statements. Instead, simply provide all your accounts receivable patients with a payment link, and watch the funds start flowing in.

To learn how to send a bulk payment request, click here.

Our payments page includes the Associate Transactions feature, designed to assist you in handling payments that did not automatically update your ledger or require manual association. If you prefer manual association for all of your payment transactions, this feature ensures seamless transaction management.

Click here to learn how to associate transactions to your practice management software.

Developing Effective Treatment Presentation Strategies

Engagement offers a comprehensive range of treatment plan options that provide patients with flexibility in payment methods.

Configure Treatment Plan Payment Options in Your Settings

By utilizing this option, your practice can effectively present treatment recommendations, empower patients with visualizations of their required procedures, and showcase various payment choices.

Learn how to set up treatment plan payment options here.

Here is an in-app experience that will guide you through the process of setting up Treatment Plan Payment Options:

Seamlessly Deliver the Treatment Plan to the Patient's Phone or Practice Tablet

Not only does this approach promote transparency and patient understanding, but it also grants them the convenience and flexibility to review and sign the treatment plan from the comfort of their own homes.

Learn how to prepare and send treatment plans here.

Here is an in-app experience that will guide you through the process of sending a treatment plan:

Proactive Follow-up on Pending Treatment Plans

Navigate to your communications tab and locate the documents section. From there, select the desired date range, ideally adhering to a recommended routine schedule, such as monthly or weekly. Next, opt for the treatment plan as the designated type. Finally, take the initiative to personally reach out to each patient via direct messaging.

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