Adding Permissions for Users

Step by Step Instructions:

Note: If you do not have Settings permissions you will not have access to add or edit existing user permissions. If this is the case, refer to a team member who does have access to enable permissions for you or complete the task using their log in

  1. Access the Settings by hovering over your Initials in the bottom left hand corner of your screen

  2. Select Team Management

  3. Click into the user whose permissions need to be adjusted

  4. Select the Permissions tab

  5. To enable Admin Access select the Toggle Button

  6. Click the Drop Down menu next to the Feature and select access type (Full Limited or None)

  7. When done, click Save

To learn how to add a new user, refer to this article.

Refer to the definitions below to learn more about the available permissions and access:

Admin Access

This gives the user all permissions, and allows them to make changes to practice settings as well as edit the permissions of others


Full: Can view Performance Board, Collections Board, Provider Pulse and export patient data

Limited: Can view Performance Board, Collections Board, and Provider Pulse



Full: Can view the patient finder, patient card, create follow ups, export patient data, and send appointment requests

Limited: Can view the patient finder, patient card and create follow ups


Follow Ups

Full: Can view and complete follow ups and follow ups performance



Full: Can view payments dashboard, export patient data, send payments requests, and update ledger

Limited: Can view payments dashboard



Full: Can edit all settings

Limited: Can edit Treatment Teams and Clinical Hours


Morning Huddle

Full: Can edit metrics and operatories

Limited: Can edit operatories



Full: Can view provider schedules



Full: Can view and receive emails for daily, weekly, and monthly reports


Mobile App

Full: Can access all data on mobile app (metrics, analytics, KPIs, provider schedules)


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