Dental Intel provides several different ways that you can find unscheduled treatment. Some of them are a lot more effective than others. 

We'll start with the most powerful!

Automatic Follow-Ups - Unscheduled Treatment 

By turning on Auto Follow-Ups for unscheduled treatment, you'll be able to automatically get a list of patients with unscheduled treatment. No searching, no pulling reports - all the patients that you need to call will show up in one, simple list.

If you don't know what Follow-Ups are, check out this video first.

By using Follow-Ups you'll be able to track the calls that you make and get reminders of the patients you need to call in the future. 

To turn on Auto Follow-Ups for Unscheduled Treatment

  • Click on the main menu (top right corner)

  • Go to practice settings

  • Turn "On" Unscheduled Treatment Follow-Ups -  the settings will show up. Set these up however you want for your practice

  • You will now automatically get a list of the patients you need to call with unscheduled TX - You can access this list by click on the red notifications in the top left corner (by the di. logo).

Already using Auto Follow-Ups and want some more patients to call?

Check out the video below to learn about some other methods:

Here are the other ways you can find specific patients with unscheduled treatment. 

  1. Recare Pie Chart

  2. Restorative/Elective Case Source Data

  3. Provider Pulse

  4. Collections Board (Patient Value)

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