Call Insight: AT&T U-Verse Phone Set Up

Setting up Call Insight with AT&T

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Enable Call Insight on Your AT&T Phone System

  1. Sign into your portal at: or through the AT&T Business App

  2. Select the main practice number.  

  3. Go to Account Overview --> My digital phone. 

  4. Select My voicemail & phone features --> Phone Features. 

  5. Select the Phone Features tab. 

  6. In the Feature Controls section, select the arrow to expand the Locate Me feature options. 

  7. Select On. 

  8. Add your 10-digit Call Insight number to the Locate Me list. 

  9. Select Save

Call Insight is now configured to work with your AT&T phone system. All you have to do now is make sure that you have the Call Insight Application downloaded and running on the workstations you would like this feature to work on. You can do so here.

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