Call Insight: Weave Phone Set Up

This article will discuss how to set up the Call Insight integration with Weave

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In order to set up the Call Insight integration, you will need to connect with Weave's support team. You can either Call in or Chat in. Typically chatting is faster. Click here to contact Weave Support.

  1. Click on the Chat button in the bottom right:

  2. Tell the chat agent that you need to add a number to the call group.

  3. Provide the agent with the number we provided. If they ask for phone name, say it is a tracking number.

  4. Depending on the agent who is helping you, sometimes they will tell you that it isn’t possible. If this happens then:

    1. Tell them that they know that this has been done with other practices using Weave.

    2. They might need to speak to someone else who has experience setting this up.

  5. Once they confirm this is done, place a test call to your main number and make sure you receive a popup from Call Insight.

  6. Once this is done then Call Insight will be linked with Weave!

  7. Follow this link to get the Call Insight App downloaded on your workstations:

You are now set up with Call Insight!

If you have any issues completing the configuration, please feel free reach out to our Support Specialists.

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