Call Insight: Set Up

This article will discuss how to install and set up your Call Insight service

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Call Insight is the perfect tool to keep the front office prepared and professional for incoming phone calls. You can use this tool to have patient information immediately as soon as the call comes in. Setting up Call Insight is a simple process and only requires a few steps:

Call Insight Set Up

1. Download the DI Sync tool

Syncing allows us to update our information with your practice management software daily. This way we can have accurate information for you to work off of within Call Insight. We simply need you to download and install the sync tool on your server, with the sync credentials you have been provided.

Click here to learn how to sync your Practice Management Software

with Analytics.

If you do not know your sync credentials, feel free to reach out to our support team who can share these with you.

Important Notes:

πŸ’₯ Your Server Computer is most likely a computer found in a back room in your office that is not used every day. Our support team might be able to assist in identifying your server computer. You might have an IT Group that maintains your server computer. If so, this article can be shared with your IT Group or you can connect your IT Group with our Support Team

πŸ’₯ If you are an existing Dental Intelligence user, the sync tool might already be installed and syncing. If so, this step does NOT need to be duplicated. If you are unsure of your syncing status, feel free to reach out to our support team for clarification

2. Configure Your Phone Systems

It's important to ensure your phone provider supports a feature commonly referred to as β€œSimultaneous Ring.”

Dental Intelligence will provide you with a phone number specific for your practice. After receiving this number from Dental Intelligence, this will then need to be set up in your phone provider admin page. From here, we will make sure the new number from Dental Intelligence will ring simultaneously when someone calls your main office line.

Setting up your phone system is a vital step. This allows us to get Call Insight's system listening for inbound calls. The way this functions is when the main office number is called, the number we provide you will also ring, the number we attach to your main office line is only there to grab the caller ID information so it works with the Call Insight Application. We have set up helpful articles to show how to do so, please select your Phone Service Provider from the list below:

If your Phone Service Provider is not listed, please contact our support team.

3. Download the Call Insight App

Finally, all we need is the Call Insight App downloaded on the workstation that you would like this tool to be utilized on.

Click here to download the Call Insight App.

4. Login, set notification times, and add Marketing Campaigns

Once the Call Insight App has been downloaded, login with your Dental Intelligence user information, and you are good to go.

Once you're logged in, it's important to set the proper notification time and add any Marketing Campaigns you would like to track and analyze.

Click here to learn more about managing campaigns in Call Insight.

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