Call Insight: Mango Voice Phone Set Up

Learn how to set up Call Insight with Mango

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Mango Voice makes it easy to control how each extension handles an incoming phone call.

Follow these step by step instructions to set up Call Insight with Mango:

  1. Enable integrations under company PBX settings

  2. Go to the Mango Voice dashboard

  3. Click the Plus Sign next to Extensions

  4. Click on Lines

  5. Click on New Extension Line

  6. Enable OutDial® Extension

  7. Under OutDial Options, put in provided Forwarding Number

  8. Go to Ring Groups

  9. Add the new OutDial® Extension you created to the ring group where you want Dental Intelligence Analytics applied

Read this Mango Support guide for more information about integrations.

Alternate / Additional Configuration

If you would like to have Call Insight log calls after hours or in other call scenarios besides a Ring Group, then you can add the Call Insight number to any applicable Switchboard.

  1. Open the Switchboard that you want to configure

  2. Add an External Transfer node to the Switchboard and move it to the place where you want to trigger the notification

  3. Add the Call Insight Number as the number to the node

  4. Set timeout to 5 seconds

  5. Unselect the '1 to connect' option

  6. Select the checkbox to connect the node and then click Save

Repeat as necessary with additional extensions. Your Mango Voice system is now configured to work with Call Insight!

Mango Resources

This is a public page updated in real time that displays Mango's uptime. For questions about service delays, outages, and current status, check this site page.

Watch videos demonstrating Mango's features and simple steps to setup. Mango adds new training videos regularly here.

Submit questions, support tickets, and chat with Mango Customer Service representatives. Additionally, you will find a Training Calendar to schedule trainings on how to best use Mango Voice in your office.

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