Got an email saying you have pending appointments? No problem – you just need to restart LocalMed on the computer LocalMed is installed on. This computer will have a red cross icon that reads "LocalMed Connect."

There’s two ways to do this:

Method 1

  • Click Start

  • Type “Services”

  • Click on Services (gear icon)

  • Find LocalMed Connect

  • Select LocalMed Connect

  • Click Restart

Method 2

  • Find the LocalMed icon in the tray (bottom right of your screen)

  • Right-click on icon

  • Click Admin Console

  • Click in Admin Console

  • Press CTRL + ALT + D on your keyboard

  • Select Services Tab

  • Right-click on LocalMed Connect Service

  • Click Restart

If you can’t get either of these methods to work, feel free to reach out to our support team by signing in here and contacting support via chat. They’d be happy to troubleshoot the issue for you!

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