Sept. 27, 2022 Product Updates

This is an overview of the new feature enhancements released to the Engagement Module 9/27/22.

Written by Jolynn Marcum
Updated over a week ago

We have several exciting updates to share with our Engagement customers. Watch this video to learn more:

Appointment Cancelled Notifications

We have added a new section to your Verbiage settings to include Appointment Cancellation Notifications. These cancellation notifications will be sent after any appointment cancellation. You can customize wording on these communications by clicking the edit icons. Click here to learn more about Appointment Communications.

Adding Pictures to Consents

You now have the ability to add photos to any of your consents. Simply click the edit icon and then click into the section you wish to add a photo. Click here to learn more about editing Consents.

Wisetack Notifications & Filters

We have added Wisetack notifications to your Inbox, as well as a new Financing filter to help you sort and filter those message! Click here to learn more about our Wisetack Integration.

Clearing Patients Out of LiveOps Check Out

We have added a new icon to clear out all of the patients you have moved to your checkout area in LiveOps. Simple click on it to clear all of the patients in your Check Out Area. Click here to learn more about LiveOps.

Online Scheduling Feature Enhancements

We have added several feature enhancements to our Engagement Online Scheduling solution including:

  • Adding insurances that are in and out of network

  • Ability to require a reservation fee for certain appointment types

  • Added bulk actions for invite to schedule

  • Our new Patient Perfect scheduling feature can now identify a patients perfect time frame to schedule appointment based on when they have previously scheduled their appointments.

  • Click here to learn more about Engagement Online Scheduling.

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