March 2023 Product Updates

Check out our latest features enhancements and product updates for March 2023!

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Once again, we have been hard at work to give our customers the features and improvements they have been asking for. We are excited to announce the following feature enhancements and updates that are part of our March 2023 release:

*If you don't have any of these features currently added to your Dental Intelligence product bundle CLICK HERE to request more information!



We have added additional search functionality has been added to include phone numbers. This means you can now search for your patients by name or phone number using the search field. Click here to learn more about the Patients dashboard.

Message Scheduling

Offices can now schedule their Direct Messages (texts) to go at a specific date or time. This helps ensure you are delivering that message to your patients when they are most likely to see it. Learn more about this feature here!

Scheduled Dashboard

The new Scheduled dashboard is now available in your Communications dropdown menu. This allows you to view your messages that are scheduled for a future time or date.

You now also have the ability to cancel a Scheduled Message, including both Email Campaign and scheduled Direct Messages (texts). This allows you to confidently take control of your patient messaging, giving you the ability to edit, change or fix mistakes before the communication goes out. Learn more about sending scheduled messages here.


In your Documents dashboard we have added a Details field next to Treatment Plans with the status Sent. Click on the details button to view the treatment plan that was sent to the patient. Learn more here.

*Coming Soon - Consents will also be added to this page.

Email Campaigns

Formatted Emails are now Email Campaigns with additional insight and functionality. We have made several improvements to our Email Campaign feature. We have added a Sent column to show who created that email campaign. In addition, individual emails will also be listed in the Email Campaigns section. This gives you greater visibility into all emails being sent. We have also improved the search functionality to search by subject name as well. To learn more about Email Campaigns click here!


In the Resources tab we have added a field where your In-Office membership Plan Link can be displayed. To learn more about In-Office Membership Plans click here.

Practice Switching

Previously, when switching practices as a Group Admin or Engagement Admin, the names of the office would sometimes get truncated. We have improved this experience so that a small pop-up will contain the entire business name.

Online Scheduling

We are now able to read the ASAP list (a.k.a. Quickfill or Short Call lists) directly from your practice management software. Patients found on these lists in your Practice Management Software will automatically be tagged with the purple Engagement ASAP tag.

*Please note that if a patient schedules an appointment, the ASAP tag needs to be manually removed from their Engagement profile.

Reservation Fee

When a reservation fee to one of your Online Scheduling links, the patient is asked to pay the reservation fee at the time they are scheduling the appointment. If for some reason their payment method fails, they will now be sent a follow up message via email or text to complete their payment. Their appointment will not be officially scheduled until the payment is received. Their appointment slot will be reserved in the Engagement Scheduling system for 48 hours to give them time to complete the transaction. For more information on how to add a reservation fee to an appointment type click here!

Online Scheduling Performance Dashboard

You can now download a report of your scheduled appointments as a .csv file. Click here to learn more!


Your office can now send a manual receipt to a patient after a payment has been made. Simply go to your Deposits and click the Payment Receipt field.

In addition the following improvements have been made for better visibility and reporting:

  • Negative deposit amounts (withdrawals) now displayed in red for improved reporting clarity

  • Updated the date picker to default to the Month to Date

  • Payments made through the reservation fee process with have Reservation Fee listed in the Payment type in the transaction list

  • Improved multiple scroll bars by making the lists collapsible

Click here if you'd like to start using our Engagement Payments physical and virtual terminals.

Analytics Updates

DSO Reports

Some minor changes were made to the spacing around the reports to allow the reports to fit better on the screen. Click here to learn more about DSO Reports.

New Data Loading Logo

When the Analytics data is loading we have updated our logo to match our new brand style. Be sure to look for it!

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