January 2023 Product Updates

Check out our latest product updates for January 2023

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We have been hard at work to provide our customers with enhanced product updates.

Here is what you can look forward to in the January 2023 product updates:

Engagement Updates

Analytics Updates



When using LiveOps you now have the ability to alert any user set up as a provider in your practice that you need assistance.

Simply hover over the patients initials and select the 3 dot menu.

Select the new 'Help needed' option and you will be able to select any provider from the dropdown arrow.

Click here to learn more about this feature.

Unarchive Messages

A new icon has been added to your Archived Inbox Messages, that will allow you to unarchive any message that had been previously archived.

Click here to learn more about these notifications.

Bulk Tagging

You can now filter your Patients and then select your Bulk Actions to add, remove, or edit existing tags to multiple patients at one time.

For more information on tagging, click here.


We have built in a permanent purple ASAP tag for your patients that are needing to be seen as soon as possible. If you already have created your own ASAP tag as a different color, those will all be migrated over to the new purple ASAP tag. This new ASAP tag will give you the ability to take actions from your new Online Scheduling Actions menu as well.

For more information on tagging, click here.

Online Scheduling Updates

We have several new features available in our Online Scheduling feature. Including a brand new Action Items Dashboard. Here you quickly send a bulk scheduling link to:

  • Patients on your ASAP list

    • You can now add patients to you ASAP list from here as well, this new function includes the ability to add a note, provider, and preferred appointment time.

  • Patients with Hygiene Past Due

  • Patients with Broken Appointments

We have also moved your Online Scheduling Settings to your Online Scheduling tab, for quicker access and convenience.

To learn more about Online Scheduling click here.

Payments in Engagement

We have added two new updates to our Payments in Engagement feature. These enhancements include:

To learn more about our payments solution click here.


DSO Accounts Receivable Dashboard

With Dental Intelligence's DSO Accounts Receivable dashboard, you will be able to identify areas of growth an opportunity for individual practice locations. Click HERE to learn more!

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