February 2023 Product Updates

We have some exciting updates to share this month. Check out this article to learn the latest!

Written by Jolynn Marcum
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Our Product and Development team have been hard at work to bring you some new and enhanced features.

Engagement Updates

Analytics Updates


  • Eaglesoft v21.3 is now supported

*If you don't have any of these features currently added to your Dental Intelligence product bundle CLICK HERE to request a demo!

Engagement Updates

Comm Logs is Now Communications

Comm logs has had a make over! Your Comm logs features is now called Communications. This is to give you more visibility into all the different types of communications your office is sending out including:

  • Automatic Messages (automated appointment, recall reminders, birthday reminders, etc.)

  • Manual Messages (any messages sent out as a direct message, email, payment request, or voicemail drop)

  • Documents (forms, treatment plans)

  • Payments (payment requests made)

  • Financing (shows the status of Wisetack financing)

Click here to learn more about your new Communications feature.

Email Campaigns

Email campaigns is now it own feature found in your left navigation bar. This is where can find all bulk and single formatted emails for your review.

You can now click into the 'Target' for any of your email campaigns for a detailed list of who was included and any that were undeliverable.

Stay tuned for more exciting functionality that will be coming soon to this feature!

Click here to learn more about Email Campaigns.

Schedule your Email Campaigns

In addition to your new Email Campaigns page, you can now also schedule when you want your Formatted Emails to be sent using the Bulk Actions menu in your Patients tab.

Wisetack Pre-Approval

Exciting news for offices that are using our Wisetack integration, patients will now be presented with the option to be pre-approved for financing when scheduling an appointment. If the patient checks the financing option they will be emailed a link to apply for financing prior to their appointment. Click here to learn more about Wisetack.

Online Scheduling - Performance Dashboard

We have made some enhancements to your Online Scheduling Performance Dashboard. You can now view who exactly has scheduled appointments during the time frame you have selected. Click on the View scheduled appointments field underneath the Scheduled Appointment graph to try it out! Click here to learn more about Engagement's Online Scheduling Performance Dashboard.

Additional Online Scheduling Enhancements

  • Hygiene Appt Slots

    • Our previous logic that dictated that hygiene appts would NOT mark primary providers as busy during that time, allowing them to be booked for another appt. This has been changed to show that the slot is unavailable for the primary provider on that appt when booking an appointment online.

  • Practice Level Services

    • We have added an option to limit the earliest offered appt time for the patients. This allows your practice to decide how close to the time they are scheduling that patients will be able to pick an appt. (ex: same day, at least 2 hours from the time scheduled, or next day for any time)

Payments in Engagement

  • Patient's will now automatically be sent payment receipts for both Payments and Refunds

  • To learn more about our Engagement Payments feature click here!


DSO Reports

We have made some major improvements in our DSO reports to ensure they are organized in a digestible and easy to navigate format. This enables our DSO practices to experience:

  • More intuitive navigation​ of DSO reports

  • Quicker access to​ related information from other DSO reports

  • Less time required to learn our DSO reports​

  • Click here to learn more about these updates!

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