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December 2023 Product Updates

This article includes all of the exciting updates we have made to our products as part of our December 15, 2023 release.

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We have some exciting updates coming your way in our December 15, 2023 release. These updates include:



If you don't currently have any of these features included in your product bundle, please click here and a Dental Intelligence Representative will contact you.


Online Scheduling: Patient insurance eligibility added during appointment request

This feature is available for Engagement subscriptions that include DI Insurance. Click here to request more information.

Now patients can add their primary insurance information while scheduling an appointment online! Upon selecting their primary insurance carrier, the patient will be asked to also enter their Member ID and Group number (optional).

Entering this information will allow Engagement to run an eligibility check upon completing the appointment request. The appointment will show up as a notification in the Inbox, and patient insurance information will be added to the patient card, as well as the Eligibility dashboard on the day that the appointment has been scheduled.

Click here to learn more about the patient view during online scheduling.

Click here to learn more about the Eligibility dashboard.

Updated Action Items Dashboard: Outstanding Treatment

We've updated the logic on the Action Items dashboard Outstanding Treatment list to better capture patients that have outstanding unscheduled treatment. This list makes it easier for your practice to have visibility on patients that have accepted treatment but aren't yet booked on your schedule.

The Outstanding Treatment tile shows the total number of patients on the list, as well as the total dollar value of their combined outstanding scheduled and unscheduled treatments:

You cannot manually add patients to this list. The information is pulled from the treatment plans and appointments in your practice management software. To remove a patient from this list, the patient must be scheduled for treatment or their treatment plan must be marked as inactive.

Click here to learn more about the Online Scheduling Action Items dashboard.

Updated Verbiage: practice_phone placeholder now available

You can now add your practice phone number as a placeholder in templates:

Click here to learn more about customizing verbiage.

Click here to review the placeholder dictionary.


Updated Metrics Verbiage and Definitions

We've updated a few of our metrics' verbiage to make it even easier to understand the baseline data that helps you diagnose the health and progress of your practice.

Visits are now called Appointments. We'll still be using Visits in other areas on your Analytics dashboard, but they mean something a bit different than Appointments. Here's an overview of these updated definitions:

We've also updated our definitions for Diagnosed and Presented metrics:

And lastly, we've also made better differentiations between Re-Appointment and Pre-Appointment metrics:

Click here to learn more about tracking Appointments in Analytics.

Click here to learn more about using the Ticker Bar in Analytics.

Click here to learn more about navigating the Provider Pulse.

Click here to learn more about navigating the Performance Board.

Provider Scorecards

In addition to Location Scorecards, you can now create Provider Scorecards! Provider Scorecards allow you to compare providers over varying time periods and across multiple metrics.

Provider Scorecards are available for single and multi-location users. You can view providers for all locations that you have access to.

Click here to learn more about scorecards for DSOs.

Click here to learn more about Provider Scorecards for single locations.

Scorecard Visualizations

Location and Provider Scorecards now include expandable visualizations! Click on the report icon in the header to view a graph of the selected metric. Hover over the graph to view data details.

Click here to learn more about scorecards for DSOs.

Click here to learn more about Scorecards for single locations.

Updated: DI Analytics Mobile App

We've refreshed our Dental Intelligence mobile app! Our Dental Intelligence app is now known as DI Analytics in the App Store or Google Play Store.

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