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Learn how the Patient Portal makes filling out forms, collecting payments, & upcoming appointment information accessible on your site

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Dental Intelligence gives your patients convenient access to update their forms, make payments, and review upcoming appointment details anytime, anywhere through the Patient Portal. Not only can patients use the portal to fill out and update all required medical records for themselves, but they may also complete necessary forms and papers for any dependents or family members.

In this article, we'll learn how to:

Access the Patient Portal Link in Engagement

The Patient Portal provides your patients with an easy option to fill out forms and make payments anywhere, anytime, which means you do less work. Just add a link to the portal on your website, or give them access through the Modento app.

To locate your Patient Portal link, please do the following:

  1. Click on the Settings gear icon in the upper right corner of Engagement

  2. Click on the Services tab and then click Resources

  3. Locate the Patient Portal link from the list of resources, and then click on the copy icon to copy the link and paste it as needed

Patient Experience

When a patient clicks on the Patient Portal URL linked from your website or included in a text or email message, they will be prompted to verify their identity by confirming their phone, email, or initials.

Our Patient Portal keeps your patient's health records secure and safe. Patients are required to log in with their username and password as well as verify their identity using two-factor authentication before they will be permitted access to the Patient Portal.

Access Patient Forms

Once a patient has logged in to the Patient Portal, the date of their next scheduled appointment will display. Patients can view any outstanding or outdated forms/consents that may need to be filled out before their next appointment. If applicable, they can also complete necessary forms and papers for any dependents or family members.

Clicking Fill all required will prompt the patient to complete the forms digitally as usual. When finished, the patient can logout by clicking the Log out button in the upper right corner of the portal.

Make a Payment

Patient access to make online payments requires an Engagement Payments subscription. Interested in adding Engagement Payments with Clearent? CLICK HERE to request a demo!

Navigating to the Payments tab in the Patient Portal will allow patients to make a secure payment online for any outstanding balances related to their account. If the patient is a guarantor, dependent balances will be included here as well.

The patient can choose to pay the full balance or only a select portion by entering in the dollar amount that they would like to pay.

The patient will then add their credit card information. If they are already have a card on file, they can choose to use that one, or enter a new card.

Lastly, clicking Make a Payment will submit their payment. You will be notified of this transaction in the Engagement Inbox as well as the Transactions tab in your Payments dashboard.

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