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LiveOps®: Scheduling and Confirming Appointments
LiveOps®: Scheduling and Confirming Appointments

Learn how to schedule and confirm requested appointments directly from the LiveOps® dashboard

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Scheduling in LiveOps® is available for users with Engagement Online Scheduling enabled. If you're interested in using Engagement Online Scheduling in your practice, CLICK HERE!

LiveOps® makes it easy to add patients to your schedule or accept online appointment requests directly from the operatory blocks.

Watch this short video to get started:

Watch this Webinar for a more comprehensive training:

In this article, you'll learn how to:

Review Your Operatory Schedule and Services

To ensure that your LiveOps® scheduling experience is fully functional, please check that your operatory schedule and break times are current and up-to-date in your practice management software (ie Dentrix, Open Dental, Eaglesoft).

In addition to ensuring that your schedule is correct in your practice management software, please review the office hours as it has been set up in Engagement:

  1. Access Settings by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner

  2. Click on Practice Setup, then choose Practice Info and scroll down to the Office Hours section

  3. Check to ensure that your office hours for each day are set correctly

  4. Add daily break times by clicking on the Add break time button

  5. When finished, click Save at the bottom of the page

In addition to confirming that your operatory schedule is accurate, please review your list of available practice-level services and the appointment durations in your Online Scheduling Settings. When scheduling a new appointment in LiveOps®, you can only schedule services that fit within the selected time period.

Click here to learn more about managing practice-level services

in Engagement Online Scheduling.

Schedule an Appointment in LiveOps®

  1. Click on the LiveOps® dashboard from the left side menu in Engagement

  2. Click on the calendar button or use the external arrows to change the date

  3. Operatories shown in green are available for scheduling. To schedule a new appointment, click on the starting time in an available operatory and drag your cursor to the selected end time, then release

  4. After releasing your cursor, click on the Schedule button (or click on the X in the upper right corner to remove your selection and start over)

  5. In the scheduling window, choose to schedule an existing patient or create a new patient

    1. Existing patient: use the search bar to locate a patient by name, or click the Select from ASAP list button to select a patient currently tagged on your ASAP list

      1. To learn more about the ASAP list, click here.

    2. New patient: add all of the new patient's details

  6. Next, select the service type

  7. Next, select the provider or hygienist, then click Schedule

  8. The newly scheduled appointment will now show up as a blue block on the operatory schedule

Note: The appointment block selection in LiveOps® will automatically adjust to the length of the chosen service type (ie, if you originally selected a 1 hour time slot but a new patient appointment is only 40 minutes, the appointment block in LiveOps® will adjust to be 40 minutes long).

Appointments scheduled in LiveOps® are automatically written back to your practice management software.

Confirm a Requested Appointment in LiveOps®

In addition to confirming appointments from the Inbox in Engagement, you can also confirm requested appointments from the operatory view in LiveOps®.

  1. Click on the LiveOps® dashboard from the left side menu in Engagement

  2. Requested appointments show up as gray appointment blocks in the operatory view on the right hand side of the dashboard

  3. To confirm the requested appointment block, click on the hourglass icon next to the patient's initials

  4. The LiveOps® dashboard will refresh and the accepted appointment will now show as a confirmed blue block on the operatory schedule

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