September 2023 Product Updates

This article includes all of the exciting updates we have made to our products as part of our September 22, 2023 release.

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We have some exciting updates coming your way in our September 22, 2023 release. These updates include:



If you don't currently have any of these features included in your product bundle, please click here and a Dental Intelligence Representative will contact you.


Upload Practice Logo in Engagement Settings

Now it's easier than ever to upload multiple logo sizes for your practice in Engagement Settings!

Icon Logo: JPEG or PNG format. 1x1 ratio. Visible on your Engagement Online Scheduling page, Patient Portal, Checkin Flyer, and the practice switcher (if multi-location).

Big Logo: JPEG or PNG format. 5x2 ratio. Visible on all communication types with the patient (emails and texts), forms, consents, treatment plans, and as the practice logo on the Modento mobile app.

Click here to learn more about uploading your practice logo in Engagement.


NEW! Map Provider IDs in the Provider Pulse and Morning Huddle

Great news! We've made mapping providers easier than ever. Now, you can map providers directly from the Provider Pulse or Morning Huddle (Today/Tomorrow View).

Now when accessing the Provider Pulse or Morning Huddle in your Analytics dashboard, you might notice an alert icon next to a user's name along with a label that says "Unmapped Provider." This occurs when there is an existing provider ID that has data associated with it in your practice management software (the ID could be attached to appointments with production, case diagnostic or acceptance etc.), but the ID is not connected to an Analytics user profile.

Why is mapping providers important? Provider Mapping links provider codes from your practice management software to an Analytics user profile. When connected, Dental Intelligence is able to pull the data and automatically categorize it to the user profile and compare the goals that have been set in Analytics provider settings.

Map a Provider ID from the Provider Pulse

  1. From the left side bar navigation of Analytics, hover over the Dashboards icon and then click on Provider Pulse

  2. Unmapped providers are marked by an orange alert icon next to their name, as well as a red Unmapped Provider dropdown option

  3. To link the provider to an Analytics user, click on the Unmapped Provider dropdown and use the search bar or scroll to locate the desired provider. Click on the user name to map them in Analytics

    πŸ’‘ Tip: Need to add a new user? Click + New Team Member to set up a new Analytics user!

  4. Dental Intelligence will automatically save the changes and your Provider Pulse dashboard will refresh. Hover over the tool tip icon next to the user's name to see the newly mapped provider

Ready to get started? Click here to learn more about how to

map providers in Analytics.

Updated DSO Scorecards (Beta)

With our latest product update, DSO Scorecards can now showcase trends and trailing time periods.

Once you've selected your location(s) and metrics, choose the time period that you would like to reference.

Compare trends and historical data across multiple locations by clicking on the left expanding arrow next to each of the selected locations. Get a quick glance at how each practice is performing by referencing the growth trends highlighted in each metric category.

Click here to learn more about using DSO Scorecards in Analytics.

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