1. Admin Access

This gives the user all permissions, and allows them to make changes to practice settings as well as edit the permissions of others

2. Permissions

The different pages and dashboards the user can see and access.

Access Dashboards

With these turned on they user will be able to access these dashboards in Dental Intel. (Performance, Collections, Financial, Provider Pulse, Ticker, Daily/Weekly Reviews)

Track Provider Hours

This will typically be turned on for a provider. When activated the Provider will show up on the Clinical Hours page and their clinical hours can be entered and tracked.

Mobile App Access

Activating this feature will allow the user to login to their account using the mobile Android and iPhone apps.

Full vs Limited

Full access allows users to view all metrics in that dashboard. It also allows users to export various lists and source data out of Dental Intel to Excel documents, edit goals, and use all aspects of that feature.

Limited access:

Performance/Collection Boards: restricts users from exporting data out of Dental Intelligence.

Provider Pulse: Limited access on the Provider Pulse will not allow users to edit provider goals from within the Pulse.

Morning Huddle/Schedule: Limited access will restrict users from rearranging the order of operatories in "Schedule by Operatory" and editing or rearranging the metrics on the "Yesterday" and "Last Week" tabs of the Huddle

Patient Finder: Limited access prevents users from creating new Patient Finder filters, or editing or saving existing filters.

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