Online Scheduling with Engagement [Modento] will help to simplify your patient's experience when scheduling future appointments and save you time!

When you first access your Online Scheduling, you will be directed to the General Settings tab. This tab includes the Sync Availability button and the Insurance Checker settings:

Sync Availability Button

If any changes are made to provider hours, blocks, or operatories in your Practice Management Software or updates to the appointment settings in Engagement, when selected the Sync Availability button will run a manual sync to reflect the changes immediately.

If sync is not initiated, the changes will reflect in Engagement after the automatic nightly sync.

Insurance Checker

The Insurance Checker enables an additional field for patients to enter in their insurance when scheduling. In your settings, you can select the 'Ask patients for insurance information when scheduling' checkbox, you will be able to select the insurances that your practice does accept.

You can create a list of insurances that practice does not accept. You can add insurance companies to the Out-of-Network insurance list. Patients would not be able to schedule an appointment if they have this insurance.

In addition to this, you can select the 'Let patients know if they are Out-of-Network/In-Network' checkbox to provide further visibility to your new and existing patients.

💥Important Note💥: If you have a Bridge Version of 110 or Higher, this online scheduling process can be set to push the appointment into the schedule automatically. If you have a lower Bridge Version, this will appear as an appointment request and will not automatically push the appointment onto the schedule. To learn more about appointment requests, click here.

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