April 2023 Product Updates

This article will cover the exciting updates we have made to our products as part of our April 2023 release.

Written by Jolynn Marcum
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We have some exciting updates coming your way in our April 2023 release. These updates include:

If you don't currently have any of these features included in your product bundle please click here and a Dental Intelligence Representative will be reaching out.

NEW! Engagement Online Scheduling Widget

Our team is proud to introduce our new Scheduling Widget, designed to help your new and returning patients schedule appointments and services directly from your website!

Our new scheduling widget allows your patients to easily make appointments without ever leaving your practices' website. You can create and customize your widget name, location and scheduling link in your Engagement Online Scheduling Settings dashboard. Once you have selected your preferences, it will provide you with the java script code for your custom widget that you can provide to your web developer to embed on your website.

Please note that we do not offer any web design or front-end development services. We provide offices with the techniques to add our widgets to their websites on their own.

We hope you enjoy our Scheduling Widget and we look forward to seeing it on your website soon! Click here to create your new Scheduling Widget.

Payments Enhancements

We recently released two new payment-related features to the Engagement dashboard:

  • Automatic "Patient Sync" whenever payment is initiated

    • Prior to this release, customers would need to manually sync a patient before initiating a payment request in order to get the most up to date ledger information. With this update the patient ledger will automatically be synced as soon as a payment request is initiated so that they have the most up to date balance shown! Click here to learn more about Dental Intelligence Payments.

  • Payment Transactions can now Writeback to Eaglesoft

    • Dental Intelligence Payments will now be able to post payments to the ledger in Eaglesoft directly from the Engagement dashboard! This will add the option to post to the ledger from your Inbox or your Engagement Payments Dashboard. Your practice will need to make sure you are on the latest Modento Bridge version.

  • Post to Ledger

    • The verbiage anywhere that was labeled ‘Associate to Ledger’ has been updated to say ‘Post to Ledger’. This was done to eliminate any confusion. When a payment is posted to the ledger from the Inbox, the message will be archived automatically. Transactions that have been Posted to Ledger can be found in your Payments Dashboard under the 'Associated' transactions. Click here to learn more about the Payments Dashboard.

Communications Dashboard Updates

The Communications Dashboard has several updates for the Documents Section.

  • We've added a ‘Details' column for Treatment Plans. This column will allow offices to view or download the treatment plan that was sent to a patient.

  • You can now also filter by document type selecting between Forms, Consents or Treatment plans to help you more quickly locate the documents you are looking for.

Click here to learn more about your Communications Dashboards.


LocalMed can now support dual databases in Eaglesoft. This feature will allow LocalMed to connect and associate the two together, making it easier to centralize data.

If you don't currently have any of these features included in your product bundle please click here and a Dental Intelligence Representative will be reaching out.

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