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July 2023 Product Updates

This article includes all of the exciting updates we have made to our products as part of our July 28, 2023 release.

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We have some exciting updates coming your way in our July 28, 2023 release. These updates include:


If you don't currently have any of these features included in your product bundle, please click here and a Dental Intelligence Representative will contact you.


Important note: In order to take advantage of the most current product updates, you must be on the most recent version of the Engagement Bridge. Click here to learn how to update your bridge.

NEW! Payments Accounts Receivable Tab

Introducing the Accounts Receivable tab in Engagement Payments! Use the Accounts Receivable tab to track collections and outstanding balances, and more importantly, send bulk payment requests.

Access to the Payments tab in Engagement is restricted to users with admin privileges. To learn more about user permissions, click here.

To send a bulk payment request from the Accounts Receivable tab:

  1. Click to access Payments from the left side menu of Engagement

  2. Click on the Accounts Receivable tab

  3. Review outstanding AR and status by filtering patients. Click the dropdown arrows available on the columns shown to filter the populated patient list

    Helpful tip: Your applied filters will show up as blue bubble above the columns and columns with filters applied with be green

  4. Save your applied filters or view previously saved filters for quicker navigation in the Filters library on the righthand side

  5. Once you have selected the filters you would like applied, click the checkbox to select all patients. Click Bulk Actions and then Send payment request to proceed

Click here to learn more about sending Bulk Payment Requests.

Click here to learn more about Snoozing patients from the Patient List.

Payments Settings

📌 Important Note for Eaglesoft Users: In order to utilize the Payments Settings functionalities outlined below, Eaglesoft users must be using Engagement Bridge Version 122 or higher. Click here to learn how to update your Engagement Bridge.

All OpenDental and Eaglesoft users can now toggle their Engagement Payments settings to automatically post payments and refunds to the ledger in their Practice Management Software, as well as archive payments and refunds that have been posted to the ledger in their Practice Management Software.

When successfully enabled, the toggle will show as 'On' and green:

All OpenDental and Eaglesoft users can also toggle their Engagement Payments settings to automatically send payment receipts to patients via email whenever a payment is made. This default setting for this option is toggled to On.

Click here to learn more about Payments Settings in Engagement.

NEW! Email Campaign Metrics

Note: Only users with Admin permissions have access to this feature.

Email campaigns sent out prior to July 28, 2023 will not show open or click rate metrics.

Measure the success of your sent email campaigns using the Open and Click Rate metrics now available in the Email Campaigns dashboard. Metrics are calculated on a daily basis and will be updated overnight (results are not immediately calculated in real time).

The Open percentage shows the percent of sent emails that were opened by your Target audience (the number of people who received the email campaign).

The Clicks percentage shows the percent of sent emails that experienced clicks within the body of the email (embedded links or other calls to action).

Using these metrics, you can gain better insight into the campaigns and audiences that are actively engaging with your marketing efforts, as well as areas for opportunity and growth.

Click here to learn more about using Email Campaigns in Engagement.

Updated Family Appointment Reminders

Now patients who are listed as the Guarantor with dependent family member(s) will receive combined appointment reminder communications as long as each family member's appointment starts within 1 hour of each other.

For example, patient Jenny Foster is listed as a Guardian with her two kids Sutton and Sage labeled as her dependents. Jenny is labeled as their Guarantor.

Jenny and her kids are scheduled for three appointments today. Because Jenny is the Guarantor, she is the only patient in this family who will receive this consolidated appointment reminder message:

"Sage (3:10 PM), Sutton (3:20 PM), Jenny (3:30 PM), just a reminder that you have an appointment with Perfect Dental today at 3:10 PM."

You can review the combined appointment reminder message in the Communication log of the patient card.

Click here to learn more about managing Family Settings in the Patient Card.

Click here to learn more about Automated Appointment Communications.

Updated Forms/Consents Functionality

Consents Library Search Bar

The Consents library is now searchable! Quickly navigate to the consent you need to edit by using the added search bar.

Click on the Settings gear in the upper right corner, then navigate to the Consents tab. Simply type the consent you would like to search for and then hit 'Enter' on your keyboard to populate results.

Click here to learn more about editing forms and consents in Engagement.

Placeholder Preview

Previewing consents just got easier! Now you can preview exactly how placeholders will appear for patients in automated consents before they are sent to patients.

After you have added the placeholder details, click on the magnifying glass to preview the prepared consent. The placeholder details will show as entered.

Click here to learn more about using automated consents.

Patient Form/Consents/Treatment Plan Timer

We've added a 10-minute inactivity timer that is activated when a patient opens any received forms, consents, and treatment plans for additional privacy and security.

When patients receive a document request from your practice, the experience will show a yellow disclaimer ribbon along the bottom of their screen, alerting patients that the form(s) screen will time out after 10 minutes of inactivity.

Clicking anywhere on the form restarts the timer. If the 10-minute timer runs out, the patient will have to reopen the form to complete it.

Click here to learn more about sending consents to patients in Engagement.

Updated Patients Dashboard Functionality

Sort Patients by Last Name

Now you can sort patients in ascending or descending order by last name in the Patients Dashboard.

To view patients, click on the Patients tab in the left side menu of Engagement.

Click on the up or down arrow next to the Matching results column to sort.

Preview Bulleted List of Outstanding Patient Forms

We've improved clarity when utilizing the icons next to patient names in the Patients dashboard.

Hover over each icon to learn more about appointment status or outstanding information. Missing forms and consents are shown in a bulleted list.

Click here to learn more about navigating the Patients tab in Engagement.

Click here to learn more about using Patient Filters.

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