Modento Online Scheduling will help to simplify your patient's experience when scheduling future appointments and save you time! Here is a short video going over our Online Scheduling feature:

How to Setup Online Scheduling in Modento

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Access Settings

  2. Select Practice Setup

  3. Then click into Online Scheduling

  4. Note: Modento Online Scheduling is a Premium Add On. If you have not already added this feature, this will not be enabled in your settings. If you would like to add Online Scheduling, reach out to our support team or your Account Manager to begin this process

  5. To create Service Types Select the Add Service Type button

  6. Enter Service Name

  7. Include a Description of the Service

  8. Add the Procedure/Appointment Type

  9. Add the Time Duration of the appointment

  10. Adjust the time needed for Assisted Preparation and Assisted Finish Time

  11. Select check boxes for the Patient Status this appointment will be available for, New Patients, Existing Patients or both

  12. Select check boxes for Patient Type, adult or child

  13. Select check box to Automatically Create the appointment in your Practice Management Software (Open Dental, Dentrix, Eaglesoft)

  14. Select check boxes next to the Operatories this appointment can be scheduled in

  15. Click Save

Patient Experience

When the patient opens the online scheduling link after it is sent to them, they will be required to enter in their First & Last name and their Birthday. If this information does not match any patient information on file, we will inform the patient to ensure all fields are correct, or to ensure that if they are a new patient, they select the New patient check box.

Once this is complete they will select their Reason for Visit from the available options you have set up. This will prompt them to either select a Specific Provider or be seen by the Next Available Provider that can be scheduled through the online scheduling settings.

Last, they will select a Time Slot from the available times Modento is able to read from your Practice Management Software (Dentrix, Eaglesoft, Open Dental) and the time durations you have selected.

Finally a summary and confirmation page to ensure all selected information is correct.

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