Engagement: Techniques for Increasing Visits
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How Does Engagement Help My Practice Increase Visits?

Our Engagement platform is a comprehensive tool that works alongside you to make increasing visits to your practice easier with just a few clicks. This modern, touchless solution prioritizes the patient experience so you can enjoy faster, more frequent responses that eliminate hundreds of hours of front desk work.

In this article, we will explore:

Just getting started with Engagement? Check out our Engagement Overview webinar to get a better look into ways you can implement Engagement into your daily workflows!

Automated Appointment Communications

Save your office staff time, help patients keep their regularly scheduled checkup appointments, and encourage appointment bookings with our automated appointment communication options.

With Engagement, your patients get follow up messages and a quick, easy link to schedule an appointment in the same message. Just one text, email, or in-app chat includes everything your patients need to encourage regular recall appointments and patient satisfaction.

Enable Automated Recall Reminders

A solid reminder system is an essential part of any thriving dental practice. Keep your schedule full and prevent patients from falling through the cracks by enabling Automated Hygiene Recall reminders in Engagement.

Enabling automated hygiene recalls is as easy as selecting a checkbox in your Engagement Settings.

Select the service-types and choose cadence of reminders. As soon as you click Save, recall messages will be sent to patients who meet the set criteria.

Automated patient appointment reminders and confirmations allow patients to simply respond to a text or email to confirm and it will update their appointment status in your practice management software automatically. See patient confirmation status as well as a log of any text message or email sent to the patient. With automatic write back, you can always know who got the reminder, who confirmed, and who needs another text or email sent.

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Send Messages Quickly in Bulk to Fill Open Appointment Times Faster

Save hours of outreach effort with instant, effective mass communication that stays as personal as you want it to be. While these bulk messages will send to a list of many, you don't need to sacrifice personalization. You can still customize the message and address your patients directly.

We understand that different channels make sense for different types of messages, which is why we offer mass email, text, and voicemail drops.

Click here to learn how to send mass messages.

Market Your Practice with Email Campaigns and Social Media Posts

A comprehensive dental marketing strategy must include email marketing and social media marketing, and that's where we come in. Marketing for dentists doesn't have to be a time-consuming, full-time job. Dental Intelligence provides you with a vast library of professionally designed email marketing templates and social media templates, so all you have to do is customize and send.

Create a meaningful email campaign in just a few clicks. Select your campaign audience using existing filters from your Patients Dashboard, then add a custom made email template or choose one from our existing template library.

When you're finished, just click Send to share your email campaign.

Click here to learn more about creating and sending email campaigns

in Engagement.

Click here to learn more about our free social media template library.

Click here to learn how to track email campaign performance.

Streamline Processes Using Digital Forms and Consents

Create a better patient experience and relieve your staff from spending hours dealing with paperwork and data entry. Our team of experts in the dental field have built a robust library of pre-made forms to make setup quick and easy for your dental practice. Just pick which ones you want, customize them for your practice in our user-friendly editor, and go!

Depending on the delivery channel you selected when sending the forms, the patient will receive the paperwork link via text, email, or at an in-office kiosk.

Once a patient's forms have been filled out, Dental Intelligence's digital forms write back to your practice management software. You will receive a notification in the Engagement Inbox. Filter notifications by clicking on the Forms filter in the left side navigation, then choose to show details, download, or preview the completed forms.

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Looking for additional answers to your burning questions about forms and consents? Check out our Forms and Consents Webinar!

Click here to learn how to set up an in-office kiosk on a laptop or PC.

The Power of Online Scheduling

When it's easier to schedule an appointment, more patients schedule an appointment!

With our advanced Engagement platform, Online Scheduling empowers you with a multitude of features. Effortlessly send out invitations to schedule appointments, whether it's to individual patients or an entire group.

Streamline the booking process for patients by offering a simplified 1-click scheduling option called Perfect Time Slot. Our software utilizes the patient's visit history to recommend the most suitable appointment time. In the event that the initial suggested day and time are not convenient, patients can still explore other available openings. By suggesting a time that has previously worked for them, patients are more likely to adhere to the recommended schedule.

If you would like to include Engagement Online Scheduling as part of your subscription bundle, click here to connect with a Dental Intelligence Representative.

Set Up Custom Scheduling Links

Take it a step further by customizing links tailored to each patient's specific treatment needs. This means that even for specialized procedures, you can directly provide patients with a personalized online scheduling link, enabling them to conveniently book their appointments online.

Learn how to create custom scheduling links here.

Add an Online Scheduling Widget to Your Practice Website

By embracing Online Scheduling, we make it easier than ever to accommodate the needs of busy patients or those who may experience phone-related anxiety. Say goodbye to the hassles of phone calls, and welcome a streamlined approach that allows patients to schedule appointments at their convenience, enhancing their overall experience with your practice.

Learn how to create Online Scheduling website widgets here.

Click the button below to launch an in-app experience that will guide you through the process of creating a widget:

Tracking Patients with Outstanding and Unscheduled Treatment

The Patients Dashboard in Engagement provides dental practices with a centralized platform to manage patient information and communication. It is a comprehensive tool that helps dental teams streamline their operations and improve patient engagement.

Watch this short video to learn more about navigating the Patients Dashboard in Engagement:

Integrate Patient Finder Filters with Analytics for Optimal Functionality

Patient Finder filters within Analytics are a great way to find the necessary information quickly and easily. With Patient Finder Filters, you can target patients that have unscheduled treatments or require specific procedures. Consider utilizing the following searches to capture patients who match the following criteria:

  • Hygiene appointments broke and unscheduled in the last 90 days

  • End of year benefits remaining

  • Primary insurance benefits remaining on unscheduled treatment

  • Patients older/younger than 18

  • Adults due for hygiene

Click here to learn more about using using the Patient Finder in Analytics.

Check out our Increasing Visits Webinar! Learn how to leverage the data and automation tools available in Dental Intelligence to increase the

number of visits in your practice.

Launch an Email Campaign Targeting Patients with Unscheduled Treatment

You can launch an email campaign to the patients you've identified in your filtered analytics. It should include information about the treatment they need and the reasons why it'll benefit them. It should also remind them of the importance of staying on top of their dental health. You may also want to include any incentives you're offering for the visit. Once the email is sent, you can track the engagement rate and analyze the performance of the campaign.

Click here to see how you can create your own custom patient list

in Engagement!

Learn more about sending Email Campaigns here.

Discover the power of templates and effortlessly have your documents ready to be sent out at a moment's notice. Click here to learn how to prepare email templates.

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