January 2024 Product Updates

This article includes all of the exciting updates we have made to our products as part of our January 2024 release.

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We have some exciting updates coming your way in our January 30, 2024 release. These updates include:



If you don't currently have any of these features included in your product bundle, please click here and a Dental Intelligence Representative will contact you.


Online Scheduling: Add/remove patient insurance fields from custom scheduling links

You can now choose to request patient insurance information in custom scheduling links. Insurance fields were previously available in the general scheduling link only.

If you would like the custom scheduling link to include fields related to the patient's insurance information (Primary Insurance, Member ID, and Group Number), select the Request insurance information checkbox during setup.

Quickly review which scheduling links request insurance information from the Custom scheduling links tab in the Request insurance information column:

Click here to learn more about how to create custom scheduling links.

Click here to review the Engagement Online Scheduling patient experience.

Payments: DI statements can now be attached to bulk payment requests

Interested in adding Engagement Payments with Clearent? CLICK HERE and one of our representatives will reach out to you to help you get set up.

Save even more time with DI statements! Easily add patient statements to your next bulk payment request by selecting the Attach DI statement checkbox. Click on Preview to open the DI statement and view an example of what the statement will look like when patients receive it. The dollar amount due will be unique to each patient.

Click here to learn how to send bulk payment requests.

Payments: Download a PDF of any receipt/refund to print a copy

Now you can download and print a copy of any payment or refund from the Payments Transactions tab. Simply locate the desired transaction, hover over Payment receipt and click Download PDF.

Click here to learn more about issuing receipts.

NEW! Payments: Payment options presented with treatment plans create a patient Payment Plan

Engagement Payment Plans are now integrated with treatment plans. Engagement Payments users will experience a more streamlined treatment presentation and acceptance process.

Once a treatment plan has been accepted and the patient has chosen a payment plan, they'll have the opportunity to add a payment method. All you'll need to do next is choose the recurring charge date and activate the plan.

Click here to learn more about sending treatment plans.

Click here to learn more about how to activate a payment plan.

Payments Security Update

In this release, we are implementing a new security feature intended to eliminate the capture of full credit card data in a non-secured format. Any custom forms attempting to capture a full credit card number for authorization purposes will not be captured in compliance PCI-DSS requirements. Instead, the patient will receive an error notice that they appear to be submitting a full credit card number, which is not allowed.


NEW! Scorecards Visualizations

In addition to reviewing visualized data by clicking on the report icons found in the Scorecard header, you can also jump to a visualizations only view by clicking on the Visualize Time Period and Visualize Trends tabs.

The Visualize Time Period tab makes it easy to communicate and present data without the need for multiple complex spreadsheets. Hover over each bar graph to quickly view the details of each selected metric and goal (if set).

The Visualize Trends tab is a great tool that you can use to visually compare successes and/or struggles among locations or providers.

Hover over over each data point to quickly view the details of the selected metric. Click on the location or provider name to hide/show the trend line from the presentation.

Click here to learn more about scorecards for DSOs.

Click here to learn more about Scorecards for single locations.

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