Within your Engagement settings, you have access to a Services tab that provides an overview of important Engagement set up information.


In the Status tab, you will be able to see if your features are fully set up in Engagement.

The PMS Synchronization is telling you if the software is connected to your Practice Management Software bridge. If the connection is not established, a red x will appear indicating that information is not syncing. This may be due to a disconnected bridge, and Practice Management Software write tasks (exports) will be retried every 30 minutes after longer disconnection. It may take up to 30 minutes to send all pending data, with an average of 15 minutes. However, please note that immediate visibility of all data is not guaranteed immediately after the bridge has been repaired. To learn how to reconnect your Practice Management Software to the Engagement bridge, click here.

In the Notes section of the Status tab, you will find additional information about each feature within Engagement. This will assist you in determining the next steps required to get it fully set up.

Quota Usage

Quota usage displays the number of emails, texts, and voicemail drops sent within the current month.

Voicemail drops operate on a credit-based system. Once voicemail drop credits are purchased through the billing tab, you can monitor the number of credits remaining here. Each voicemail drop equals one credit, and every voicemail sent will require one credit. If voicemails are not delivered, or if the patient's voicemail box is full, you will not be charged for that credit.


In the Resources tab, you will find links to:

  • Your dashboard to log in to the Engagement platform, which is useful to send to employees or save as a bookmark on your browser

  • A check-in flyer, which is a QR code with your practice's logo added. This can be kept at the front desk so that patients can scan the code to check-in or download the Modento app

  • The patient portal, where patients can fill out forms and consents after receiving an invitation from you

  • The Modento mobile app. This is an alternative to the QR code

  • A link for patients to leave an online review

  • Your main online scheduling page. Please note that you can still send an invitation to schedule, but this link is provided for integration onto your website

  • A link for online appointment requests. This differs from the online scheduling link because, when a request is made, you will be asked to confirm the timeframe in your Engagement inbox before pushing it to the practice management software.

  • Lastly, membership plan info will include any Dental Membership Plan URL, whether it is a membership plan through your office or a third-party vendor. These membership plans are beneficial to offer to patients that are not covered by insurance.

By utilizing the Services tab within your Engagement settings, you can easily manage and monitor important features such as the updated bridge connection, quota usage, voicemail drops, and more. Additionally, the Resources tab provides convenient links to your dashboard, check-in flyer, patient portal, mobile app, and online scheduling pages. Offering a dental membership plan through your office or a third-party vendor is also made easy with Engagement. By utilizing these features, you can streamline your practice management, improve patient experience, and ultimately, increase revenue.

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