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Dental Intelligence for DSOs: Get Started with the Right Tools
Dental Intelligence for DSOs: Get Started with the Right Tools

Rapidly grow and scale your organization, find hidden revenue, and improve your patient experience with Dental Intelligence for DSOs

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Dental Intelligence offers a variety of smart tools that provide the data, insight, and communication that you need to manage your DSO organization successfully.

Learn how to get started navigating the DSO features within the Dental Intelligence Suite below:

Using Analytics

DSO Dashboards: Accounts Receivable

With Dental Intelligence's Accounts Receivable dashboard, you will be able to identify areas of growth and opportunity for individual practice locations.

To access the Accounts Receivable Dashboard, hover over the DSO Dashboard icon in the left side menu of Analytics and select Accounts Receivable.

When the dashboard has populated, you can group the list of practices by Region or Location, as well as filtering AR aging statistics by Locations and/or AR Age.

Within each practice, you can view the breakdown of the balance in portions: insurance and patient.

Dive deeper into the Accounts Receivable dashboard by clicking on the Trends icon above each column on the dashboard.

Learn more about the Accounts Receivable DSO Dashboard here.

Or, try it for yourself! Here is an in-app walkthrough that will show you how to navigate the Accounts Receivable dashboard:

DSO Reports

If you are part of a DSO, or Dental Support Organization, accessing reports through Dental Intelligence Analytics has never been easier! Using these reports will leave less room for human error, help you predict your practice's data high and low points, and give you access to easy-to-read data at the click of a button.

The following report options are available. Click on each report below to learn more:

Using Engagement

Multiple practice groups within Engagement have the ability to switch between dashboards and chat with team members from different locations. This applies to groups with multiple practices, as well as Dentrix Enterprise and Open Dental Clinics accounts.

Practice Location Search & Switcher

Users are able to change locations if the location is on the list of authorized locations in the user's settings. Click the Practice Drop Down Menu in the top right corner of the Engagement Dashboard. Search for or select the location you would like to switch to.

Note: This will only be available for Users that have the "Allow Access to Other Practices" enabled in the User Settings and are authorized access to the location. When adding or editing a user, the Group Admin team member can select which locations are accessible.

Only Group Admin users will be able to adjust these user settings. To get this enabled, contact our support team.

Team Chat

Team chat allows team members to search for other users from other associated locations and start individual or group conversations with them. By default, only users from a given practice are visible on the list of contacts. However, if you search for an exact name, you can reach out to anyone within a group.

To begin messaging team members at another location:

  1. Click on the Team Chat button

  2. Click the Create a New Message button

  3. Search for the team member using the Team Chat Search Bar and/or click on their name to select

Try it for yourself! View an in-app walkthrough that will show you how to start using Team Chat:

Click here to learn more about using the Team Chat functionality

Click here to learn more about adding users & user permissions

Online Scheduling Group Level Services

Using Engagement Online Scheduling, you can connect Group Service Types. Doing this will enable you and your team to send scheduling links that allow patients to choose from multiple locations when scheduling specific service types.

To connect Group Level Services:

  1. Access Settings in your online scheduling tab

  2. Select Group-Level Services

  3. Then, click Match Service

  4. Fill in the following fields:

    1. Service Name

    2. Description of the service

    3. Once those fields are entered, Engagement [Modento] will automatically identify which practices have this service type available. You can also manually select the service type from the specific locations you would like to match.

  5. Click Create

Now that you've connected your Group Level Services, you can start sending invitations to schedule and create Custom Online Scheduling Links to add to automated messages or to your website! Learn more here.

Try it for yourself! Here is an in-app walkthrough that will show you how to set up Online Scheduling:

Using DI Insurance

Eligibility Verification

DI Insurance is available with your Dental Intelligence product bundle. Dental Intelligence has partnered with Vyne to provide this service to our customers. Simplify the Insurance Eligibility Verification process with Dental Intelligence:

Verify patients' insurance benefits digitally

No more spending hours on the phone each week just trying to track down insurance information in order to get dentistry done. Reclaim your time and spend more of it where it matters — with your patients.

Make every eligibility check as fast and easy as possible

If you can get near-instant answers, you can quickly reassure your patients and spend less time on complicated busy work. Don’t let insurance questions delay treatment.

Cut out redundant and outdated software

If your insurance eligibility verification process requires you to jump between multiple programs, you’re not only burning valuable time, you’re also probably paying too much for standalone solutions.

To begin verifying patient insurance information:

  1. Log in to DI Insurance

  2. Click the Insurance dropdown in the left side bar navigation and select the Eligibility tab

  3. Select Add Patient to verify a new patient's insurance

  4. Enter the Patient, Subscriber, Insurance, and Provider Information and click Verify

That's it! You should receive a response on your screen within seconds. Learn more about verifying eligibility here.

Claims Processing

In addition to verifying patient eligibility, you can also submit claims, as well as include attachments and send claims in bulk. Learn how to submit insurance claims for your office via DI Insurance by watching the short video below:

If you're interested in more DI Insurance module, watch our DI Insurance webinar.

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