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Onboarding Success Plan: Improve Collection %
Onboarding Success Plan: Improve Collection %

Review onboarding action items and resources your office can use to ensure a successful implementation of your Dental Intelligence Software

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Welcome to Dental Intelligence, the only end-to-end practice performance solution in the dental market. Throughout this Onboarding Success Plan, we'll provide you with the tools, features, and knowledge we have available to help your practice focus on Improving Collection %.

You are an active proponent to onboarding success! To ensure that you come prepared to your 1:1 calls with your onboarding specialist, please complete the Action Items outlined below for each Stage.

Stage 1: Automation & Setup (Admin Training)

During this initial meeting with your onboarding specialist, we will ensure that you have all of your automation set up properly and are ready to activate your Dental Intelligence software. We recommend that the individual who attends this meeting from your practice is an office admin who has access to the server computer and practice management software credentials.

Pre-Meeting Action Items

Prior to your Automation & Setup call, please ensure you have completed the following:

Action Items


1. Watch our short Engagement and Analytics overview videos to see how each dashboard operates at a glance

2. Add users to Analytics and/or Engagement modules

3. Map provider IDs in Analytics

4. Review the digital forms library in Engagement

5. Review the Payments Dashboard in Engagement

Stage 2: Daily Actions (Team Training)

We invite your entire team to attend this meeting in order to become familiar with the daily actions and workflows your team will want to implement on a daily basis to ensure you are reaching your desired outcome with our solutions.

Pre-Meeting Action Items

Prior to your Daily Actions call, please ensure you have completed the following:

Action Items


1. Complete DI Insurance Vyne setup and training

2. Complete Clearent setup and training

3. Enroll in Wisetack

4. Activate Automated Recall Reminders in Engagement Online Scheduling

5. Activate Automated Appointment Communications in Engagement

6. Create appointment types for online scheduling in Engagement

7. Set up an online scheduling widget for your website

8. Review and customize Payments messaging verbiage

9. Configure digital forms and consents in Engagement

10. Set up in-office kiosk(s)

Stage 3: Performance Review

During this meeting, your onboarding specialist will review your progress and ensure that you have the desired tools enabled to track the success of your implementation. At this point, initial set up tasks have been completed and your team should be well on their way to using Dental Intelligence features on a daily basis.

Pre-Meeting Action Items

Prior to your Performance Review call, please ensure you have completed the following:

Action Items


1. Verify patient insurance eligibility in DI Insurance

2. Send claims via DI Insurance

3. Send payment requests to patients in Engagement

4. Create payment plans for patients with high $ treatment plans

5. Review the Collections Board on a weekly basis

6. Review the Morning Huddle for past due AR

Stage 4: Utilizing Your New Software

Congratulations! You've reached the end of your Onboarding Success Plan. You now have the tools and features enabled to help your practice focus on Improving Collection %.

The next step for you and your team is to establish daily, weekly, and monthly workflows that will help you and your team continue to drive success. We recommend reviewing the following resources:

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