Dental Intelligence is the leading solution helping professionals in the dental industry manage and grow dental practices.

The secret sauce is in the theory behind all the data we display in the software.

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Everything that is done in a dental office is summed into this... we get as many patients coming into the office as possible, we maximize the care for each of those patients, and then we work to collect the balances they owe us due to the work we've done for them. Lastly, we manage our budgets in the best way possible to help us have a healthy cash flow.

Dental Intelligence makes it possible to have visibility on all of these metrics. Driving your car with a bandana covering your eyes is a bad idea. So is managing a practice without a clear perspective on how you're performing, why you're performing the way you are, and what you need to do make sure you're heading in the right direction.

Contact Support with the chat bubble if you have questions, they can also get you connected with your account manager who can help you better analyze your practice's performance and ensure you are on the path to practice success.

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